Join us on Saturday and Sunday, February 8-9, for  this weekend workshop intensive at the UCSC Farm focused on the organic care of apples, pears, and other pome fruit trees.

Through lectures and hands-on learning, participants will learn how to: select appropriate varieties, choose and prepare a planting site, plant trees, and care for them year round. Topics include: tool selection and care, soil fertility, cover crops and fertilizers, irrigation, pruning, and disease and pest control.

Workshop registration cost includes the Fruit Tree Reader, coffee, tea and snacks. Please bring your own lunch. Registration deadline is February 5 and class size is limited.

Register online at by Wednesday, February 5.

If you prefer to register for this class by mail (no service charge), please send a check made payable to UC Regents to:

Amy Bolton
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA  95064
attn: Fruit Tree class

Please include your contact information (phone and email) with your check.

For more information contact Amy Bolton, 831.459-3240,