Apprentice Communities

Farmers of the Global Majority members at a reunion on the CASFS/UCSC Farm.

Other activities and communities can form an important part of the apprenticeship experience. These communities were developed by past Apprenticeship course members and include events that take place each year –

Farmers of the Global Majority
Farmers of the Global Majority is a collective of CASFS People of Color Alumni and current apprentices. We commit to and work towards creating social justice, food sovereignty, and self empowerment in our communities. We advocate for institutional change and responsible environmental stewardship. Our goal is to share resources, provide mentorship, hold annual reunions, and build scholarship opportunities for future apprentices of low-income communities that historically have been marginalized. Our vision is for CASFS apprentices of color to feel supported by a community during and beyond the apprenticeship program. We strive to collaboratively build, design, and attain solutions to challenges, directly affecting our communities at large. We uphold dignity for ourselves and our communities, and therefore are committed to ending racism and injustice on all levels. By joining efforts, we trust that transformation will take place towards a healthy, sustainable, and resilient world for all.
queer farmers image
Queer Farmers Collective members

Queer Farmers
The Queer Farmer Collective celebrates a community of queer and trans persons, the intersectionality of agroecology, and our movements for racial justice and gender liberation. They host public events at the UCSC Farm & Garden, including the Pansy Plantout in Spring and Queer Farmer Field Day in fall.