How to Apply

Before writing your application, carefully read all the material presented on the Apprenticeship Information page. Consider how well the course might fit your stated interests and goals. It's important that applicants have a realistic idea of what the program involves as well as their ability to fully participate from beginning to end.

Download and complete the application form and housing addendum and attach them to the front of your application questions. Type or print legibly. Send four copies of your application. We cannot accept faxed applications.

Answer all the questions clearly and thoroughly, but please limit your total application to four pages. Please use a 10 point font (at minimum; any font is fine) and 1-inch page margins (minimum). Attachments such as resumes, photos, and newspaper articles can be included in addition to the application pages. Include four copies of each attachment.

Enclose the $60 application fee with your application. Checks should be made to "UC Regents". Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed.

Foreign language international participants must demonstrate adequate English-speaking and comprehension skills. All instruction is conducted in English. Applicants must be able to comprehend spoken English as well as read, write, and converse in English fluently in order to be eligible for the apprenticeship. We conduct brief phone interviews with all international applicants to verify English fluency.

If you're submitting a Course Fee Waiver Application,Simply Organic Fee Waiver Application, a Veteran Course Fee Waiver Application, or a Food Justice & Equity Fee Waiver Application, please send four copies and the required documentation along with your Apprenticeship Application by the postmark deadline.

Send application form, completed questions, application fee, and any other materials to the address below. Deadlines are postmarked dates (note: these are application deadlines for the 2018 program):

  • October 31, 2017 for U.S. residents 

  • August 15, 2017 for international applicants, including Canadian citizens.

Late applications will not be considered

Notification of acceptance is made in mid December for U.S. applicants and in November for international applicants.

Apprenticeship Applications

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