Grow a Farmer Website

The Grow a Farmer website was initiated in 2009 as part of a fundraising campaign to establish housing for apprentice course members and maintain the important residential aspect of the Apprenitceship Program (see below). Today the website showcases the work of the Apprenticeship graduates and provides information to alumni and other beginning farmers. Features include a map showing where many of our alumni are now working, a resources list for beginning farmers, a blog that includes updates and essays from Apprenticeship staff and graduates, and a job site for Apprenticeship alumni.

Grow a Farmer Campaign Background

With an amazing outpouring of support from hundreds of individuals, foundations, and businesses, we were able to build nine beautiful tent cabins to house 36 participants in the Apprenticeship program on the UCSC Farm. Thanks to this support, apprentices can to continue to “live where they learn” and we can keep the program affordable, with tent cabins offering an alternative to Santa Cruz’s expensive rental market.

With the housing project at the UCSC Farm completed, we’re now turning our fundraising efforts to much-needed program operating costs and moving ahead on long-deferred facility and farm equipment upgrades at the Farm & Garden.

You can help us grow more farmers and gardeners by supporting the Apprenticeship Program through the Grow a Farmer Campaign. The Apprenticeship self-generates most of its operating income through produce sales, plant sales, and program tuition and fees, but we depend on donations and grants to complete our annual budget. Learn more about the campaign and how you can support this effort by visiting the Grow a Farmer website.

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