Business Affiliates Program

The Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden's Business Affiliates Program offers local, regional and national businesses the opportunity to support one of the nation’s most celebrated organic farmer and gardener training programs and its facilities, while offering increased visibility to an audience that values organic farming, gardening, sustainable businesses, and a healthy lifestyle.

Charter members in this new effort, which kicked off in 2014, include Jacob's Farm/Del Cabo, a Santa Cruz-based organic herb and flower grower; The LocaLife, providing consulation and hands-on training in organic gardening and other sustainable practices; and Companion Bakeshop, featuring sourdough breads and pastries made with organic ingredients and run with a passion for building community. 

As the UCSC Farm and Garden continue to blaze the trails of sustainable and just food systems, we are asking those of you committed to furthering the momentum toward a healthy agricultural system to join us.

Find out more about becoming a business affiliate by viewing our Business Affiliate Pledge Form, and if you have any questions, please contact Anne Hayes at 831.502-7274 or, or Melissa Betrone at 831.459-3695 or

What Brendan Meile of Jacob's Farm is saying about the Business Affiliates program –
"In our focus as a company organic and sustainable agricultural practices are a priority and we value the Farm and Garden Apprenticeship training program as a really good tool to promote these principles and practices. We look at the Friends of the Farm & Garden as a way to extend that message."

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