Intensive Short Courses

CASFS Instructor Darryl Wong leads a class at the UCSC Farm

CASFS Intensives are short courses that provide intermediate and experienced gardeners and farmers hands-on, land-based professional development and skill-building opportunities focused on specialized agricultural topics including seed propagation, soils and cultivation, food preservation, agricultural business management, best practices in agricultural education, and more.

In early 2021, Intensives will be held online while the CASFS Farm and Garden are closed due to COVID-19 precautions. By mid-year we hope to host mixed virtual/in-person Intensives, and once we can open to the public again, Intensives will be held onsite.

Upcoming Intensives

Organic Seedling Production

February 8-10, 2021; 9:30am-12:30pm PST

Do you already have experience growing seedlings but desire to expand your skills and improve outcomes?  Producing high quality seedlings is a prerequisite to successful crop production. In this interactive, virtual, three day course, participants will deepen their knowledge of seed and seedling biology, the management of environmental conditions to optimize seedling development, and how to effectively regulate pests and diseases in the greenhouse. 

Through presentations, short videos, discussions and applied exercises, seedling growers will also build their capacity to analyze soil mixes, crop health, seedling maturation, and the systems you currently work with, all with the goal of being able to make improvements that create efficiencies and increase the quality of your crops.

This course is designed for those growing seedlings in a production setting. This will be a highly interactive space to draw from your experience, questions, challenges and learn from the wisdom of the group. 

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