Authors of Farming While Black and Grain by Grain visit CASFS for free talks in May

The authors of Farming While Black and Grain by Grain will present free talks on May 10 and May 14 at the Cowell Ranch Hay Barn.

April 22, 2019

Three authors will visit UC Santa Cruz in May to talk about their books highlighting a range of issues affecting agriculture and food systems in the U.S.

On Friday, May 10, Leah Penniman will discuss the history of Black farmers and their contributions to agriculture, traditional farming knowledge, and foodways as described in her new book, Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm's Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land. The free presentation takes place from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the Cowell Ranch Hay Barn.

Penniman is a Black Kreyol educator, farmer/peyizan, author, and food justice activist from Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, New York. She co-founded Soul Fire Farm in 2011 with the mission to end racism in the food system and reclaim ancestral connection to land. As co-Executive Director, she is part of a team that facilitates powerful food sovereignty programs—including farmer trainings for Black and Brown people, a subsidized farm food distribution program for people living under food apartheid, and domestic and international organizing toward equity in the food system. 

On Tuesday, May 14, join organic farmer Bob Quinn and Stanford Lecturer Liz Carlisle as they present highlights from their new book, Grain by Grain:A Quest to Revive Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food. The free presentation takes place from 6:00 to 7:30 pm at the Cowell Ranch Hay Barn.

Drawing on Quinn’s 30-year journey in regenerative organic agriculture and renewable energy, they will discuss how transformation of regional food systems can drive big changes over time: creating good green jobs that rebuild rural communities, while providing healthier food and better environmental stewardship.

Along the way, Quinn and Carlisle will shed some light on the recent epidemic of gluten sensitivity, and offer some suggestions for how to restore a healthy relationship with wheat. Organic snacks will be served, including samples of kamut-based products. 

These events are sponsored by the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, with additional support for Penniman's talk from the Food Systems Working Group, Farmers of the Global Majority, Pie Ranch, and Fare Resources.

For more information, see the UCSC Campus Events Calendar or contact, 831-459-3240. Please note: $5 parking fee applies on May 10, as the talk will take place before 5:00 pm.