CASFS hiring residential and community life coordinator

CASFS is hiring a residential and community life coordinator to work with the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture

February 08, 2019

The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) is continuing to accept applications for a Coordinator of Residential and Community Life. This position will work with students and staff of the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture at the UCSC Farm & Garden. This six-month, residential training program offers hands-on and classroom training in organic farming and gardening, and food systems concepts.

Duties include:

  • Residential and program-wide community building programming and activities, including leadership for apprentice development in a variety of areas
  • Coordination and logistics of various Apprenticeship activities
  • Financial handling, including budget preparation and handling of purchases and expenses
  • Assistance with apprentice recruitment and alumni relations
  • Curricular and academic support, including coordinating course logistics, securing access to course resources (e.g., presenters, field trips_ addressing social justice topics, and developing community-building trainings

The job posting is listed on (job number: 1808357). Applications will be reviewed on February 25, 2019.

Note that the position information shows the end date as 6/30/19.  This is because CASFS raises the funds for this position and many other CASFS positions, and the funding is renewed annually.  Please know this in an ongoing, career position.