Internship Opportunities for UCSC Students

    CASFS Internships

  • CASFS Fall Remote Internship

    2-unit remote internship
    Contact: Damian Parr,

    This fall, CASFS is offering a remote survey internship to introduce students to CASFS's diverse sites, programs, production practices and ongoing opportunities. Through weekly live sessions, small group discussions, and pre-recorded video content, students will learn about soil fertility management, basic horticultural skills, principles of propagation, intensive gardening and cooking with the seasons. The internship includes a “grow-at-home” component where students will be supplied with materials and guidance for micro-greens gardening. Students living in Santa Cruz will also have access to seedlings from the CASFS farm to grow at home. Students will also connect their work to the broader food system as a whole, and learn how to continue to engage with CASFS throughout their academic careers.

    For enrollment information, please be sure to study the ENVS Internship Office website carefully. Enrollment (google forms) due to the Internship office by 5pm Wednesday, October 14th. This is the last day to enroll in an internship for fall quarter. 

    Main Topics Covered:

    Intro to Agroecology
    Seed Biology and Seedling Development
    Soil Health Assessment and Improvement
    Cover Crops
    Seed Sovereignty
    Water conservation
    Winter Crop production

    Intro to Basic Needs and Campus Food Resources
    Accessing the Food System
    Mason Jar Magic: Cooking Without a Kitchen
    Sourcing Seasonally
    Preservation, Pasteurization, and Dehydration
    Fermentation, Symbiosis, and Molecular Transformation
    The Wild Harvest
    Imagining the Future of Restaurants

    Weekly Format (Students should average 6 hours of internship participation per week):

    Live sessions with staff and all interns Tuesdays 10am-11am
    Smaller group live Q&A / Office Hours Thursdays 10am-11am generally
    Small group “homeroom” sessions (30-60 minutes)Get to know CASFS staff, ask questions

    Independent work (times given are ranges, as students can select how they distribute modalities week to week)
    • Recorded video content (30-60 minutes)
    • Readings and assignments (30-60 minutes)
    • At-home gardening (30-60 minutes)
    • At-home food preparation (30-60 minutes)
    • Reflection (30-60 minutes)


  • Multimedia Internship

    2-unit remote internship
    Contact: Erin Foley, CASFS editor & communications specialist,

    We are seeking an intern to help create content for our social media accounts and website, including promotional flyers, profiles of staff, students, and alumni, and short agroecology "lessons" to share with our followers. This position will also help with web updates and organization of our digital photo library, as well as engaging with our followers on social media. We are seeking someone with social media experience and knowledge of and/or interest in sustainable agriculture and promoting a healthy food system. This opportunity offers the chance to gain experience with web design, social media, video and photo editing, and graphic design.