CASFS Internship Opportunities

    2021 CASFS Internship Program

  • CASFS is offering a remote survey internship to introduce students to our diverse sites, programs, production practices and ongoing opportunities. Through weekly live sessions, small group discussions, and pre-recorded video content, students will learn about a range of seasonal organic farming and gardening topics and basic production and culinary methods, all set within a larger food system framework. The deadline to enroll in the spring quarter internship has passed, but check back next quarter for future internship opportunities.

    Topics covered will include principles and practices of greenhouse propagation, hoop house production, perennial fruit crop care, and intensive gardening and cooking with the seasons. The internship includes a “grow-at-home” component where students will be supplied with materials and guidance for growing microgreens. Students living in Santa Cruz will also have access to seedlings from the CASFS Farm to grow at home. Students will connect their work to the broader food system as a whole, and learn how to continue to engage with CASFS throughout their academic careers.

    A 2-unit internship requires an average of six hours per week of participation, totaling 60 hrs for the quarter.  

    Weekly Format includes:

    1. Synchronous, or real-time attendance is required once a week in a small group “homeroom” session (30-60 minutes). 

    2. Synchronous attendance is also required for a minimum of seven sessions with staff and all interns.

    3. Smaller group or individual Office Hours (times vary) are optional. See Home Room supervisor for details. 

    4. Asynchronous (not live) activities to complete on your own schedule during the week include the following:
    • Independent work (times given are ranges, as students can select how they distribute modalities week to week)
      Recorded video content (30-60 minutes)
    • Readings and assignments (30-60 minutes)
    • At-home gardening (30-60 minutes)
    • At-home food preparation (30-60 minutes)
    • Reflection (30-60 minutes)

    Find out more about the CASFS Remote Internship in this video.