UCSC Food Access and Basic Needs Efforts

CASFS Apprentice course members harvesting in the hoop houses at the UCSC Farm. Photo by Jim Clark.

The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) supports a range of efforts to ensure that all students have access to healthy food, with many projects featuring organic produce grown at the UCSC Farm. Get details on hours and locations of these projects as well as information on additional resources on the UCSC Basic Needs website.

CASFS-supported projects include­ –

Organic Produce Pop-Up Stands ­– Low-cost organic produce from the UCSC Farm and other local, organic farms sold weekly at the Quarry Plaza and Rachel Carson College. The Pop-Ups accept cash, checks, and EBT credit. Check the CASFS Events website for the current schedule.

The Cowell Coffee Shop “For the Peoples” – Free coffee, tea, prepared meals, snacks, and a DIY juicer for the UCSC community

Slug Support Pantry – Features fresh produce from the UCSC Farm, ready-to-eat meals, non-perishables 

SUA Food Pantry and Lounge – Features produce from the UCSC Farm, ready-to-eat meals, non-perishables

Family Student Housing (FSH) Food Pantry – Features produce from the UCSC Farm

UCSC Dining also features produce grown at the UCSC Farm in college dining hall meals.

Other CASFS-supported efforts include the Swipes for Slugs dining hall meal program, CalFresh enrollment efforts, and Slugs in the Kitchen cooking workshops co-sponsored by the OPERS Recreation Program.

At a UC system-wide level, CASFS staff member Tim Galarneau co-chairs the UC Global Food Initiative Food Access and Security Subcommittee. His efforts include developing system-wide plans and ongoing support for basic needs programs to serve the many UC students facing food and housing insecurity. Read more about this work at the Global Food Initiative website.

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