Job Openings

    Permanent Staff Positions

  • Assistant Director of Finance, Planning, and General Operations

    CASFS is seeking an assistant director of finance, planning, and general operations who will use advanced administrative concepts and organization objectives to resolve complex issues. Along with the assistant director of personnel and facilities, the incumbent will manage, plan, administer and coordinate the administrative operations of CASFS, the operations of which are significantly complex and/or broad in scope. Performance of administrative and financial operations activities are the predominant focus of position. The incumbent will supervise support staff or small number of professional staff within or outside the scope of main business activities and perform short and long term operations planning. The incumbent’s work will support the CASFS mission to advance agroecology and equitable food systems through experiential education, participatory research, agricultural extension, and public service. The incumbent will support CASFS efforts to integrate equity into all aspects of CASFS work and programming.

  • UCSC Student Staff Positions

  • To view and apply for student staff positions, visit and search for the ER numbers listed below.
  • Farm Garden Staff - ER #8075

    The CASFS Farm Garden is seeking to hire two highly motivated individuals to join our team to assist in daily stewardship of the land and the crops we grow. Depending on the season, this position will involve any or all of the following: seed sowing and care of seedlings in the greenhouses, soil cultivation, transplanting, crop care, weed management, and irrigation. The position will also involve harvesting crops across the seasons, pruning of perennials and fruiting crops, and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of the Farm Garden. When we are again allowed host in person internships in the future, Farm Garden student staff will also play a central role in leading and mentoring fellow undergraduates enrolled in our land based internships. Student staff will also have the opportunity to serve as undergraduate representatives on CASFS committees, helping to ensure the ongoing development and evolution of programming at the Center.