Measure 43 Initiative

Measure 43 Opportunities

Measure 43 Project Grant and Speaker Funding Available for 2018-19 

UCSC undergraduate students are invited to apply for Measure 43 funds to support student research and education projects, and visiting speakers whose topic is related to food, health and wellness, and who will engage UCSC students. See below for examples of projects funded in past years.

Apply for Measure 43 grant funding: deadline for applications is December 14, 2018. Click here for the application form.

About Measure 43

In the spring of 2010, UC Santa Cruz undergraduate students voted to institute a new student fee to fund Measure 43, the Sustainable Food, Health and Wellness Initiative. The measure passed with a 69% majority in an election that saw more than 42% of undergraduate students turn out to vote, setting a new campus record for voter turnout!

The fee generates more than $100,000 a year, administered by the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems in conjunction with student and faculty representatives. Read a UCSC press release about the programs, grants and activities supported by Measure 43 during its first year. 

Fees support a variety of activities, including Research and Education Grants and a Speakers Fund (see more information, below). 

How Will Measure 43 Funds Be Used?

Measure 43 will ensure that all undergraduate students have access to education and programs that enhance their understanding of the food system and their food choices, and that increase opportunities for classes, workshops, “learning journeys,” hands-on gardening experiences, and other campus activities.

Here are some examples of the types of activities supported by Measure 43 funds –

  • Student research grants and program development on issues of nutrition, health, sustainable food systems, and garden- and farm-based learning at UCSC.
  • Forums on campus featuring professionals, scholars, and youth leaders working towards a more just and sustainable food system
  • Student-centered, hands-on learning on campus farm and gardens, at CASFS, and in partnership with other campus-based classes and programs such as the Program in Community & Agroecology (PICA). See the 2018-2019 Campus Food and Garden Guide for details.
  • The annual  Strawberries & Social Justice Event (May 2018), held at the Hay Barn, and Fall Harvest Festival (October 1, 2017), held at the UCSC Farm, and the Sustainable Food Interactive tent that takes place at the OPERS Fall Festival (September 26, 2017)
  • Support for Registered Student Organizations to sponsor special events and activities related to the food system.
  • Support and scholarships for field trips, classes, and student activities through the Food System Learning Journeys, featuring experiential and hands-on learning in partnership with the OPERS Recreation Department (see the OPERS Recreation, Intramural and Sports Guide)
  • Low-cost entry to gardening workshops sponsored by CASFS and the Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden (see Upcoming Events).
  • Service learning opportunities in our community
  • Food system-based classes

Funded by Measure 43, the annual Campus Food and Garden Guide serves as a resource and educational tool for the student population at UCSC, on and off campus, and lists details of the various campus gardens and how students can get involved in gardening and other actvities through volunteering, internships and classes.

Further, Measure 43 supports a team of student interns conducting research and analysis on campus food purchases to better understand how to increase local, organic, humane, fair, and socially just relationships with those who harvest, process, and distribute food we consume at UCSC.

How Can You Get Involved?

As a UCSC undergraduate, there are a variety of ways to get involved in activities funded by Measure 43.

  • Look for the call for proposals with criteria for students and registered student organizations to apply for resources to support research, education, and outreach initiatives for the 2018-2019 academic year. See above for the call for proposals.
  • In addition, existing internship and program efforts noted in the measure will continue to provide exciting opportunities and pathways for you to grow and be engaged!
  • Noted events and programs sponsored by Measure 43 in 2017-18 are listed on the Measure 43 Upcoming Events page and on the CASFS calendar

For more information please contact Tim Galarneau at or 831.459-3248

Education, Research, and Speaker Funding Supported by Measure 43

2015-2016 Measure 43 Research and Education Grant Funds Awarded

• The Demeter Seed Project, providing free, heirloom, organically produced seeds to local gardeners and farmers, and sponsoring free seed exchanges and educational events. Read more about the project.

• The Slug Support CARE Program Student Pantry, providing quarterly grants to supply the student pantry (located on the second floor of UCSC’s Hahn Student Services) with healthy and sustainable food options. For more info on the Pantry and how we can support you please contact our front office at 831-459-4446.

The Education for Sustainable Living (ESLP) Spring 2016 Speaker Series Dinners, providing local and organically grown food for Monday Night Spring Speaker dinners and supporting interactions amongst speakers and students. Funds were used to purchase ingredients from local farmers and document recipes. Read more about ESLP opportunities on pages 9 and 23.

Student-led Instruction and Peer Outreach at the Kresge Garden, designed by students with a space led through peer-facilitation providing garden internships and partner programs that are flourishing. To plug into the Kresge Garden check out or contact us through: See more about the Kresge Garden in the 2016-2017 Campus Food & Garden Guide.

The Program In Community & Agroecology (PICA), PICA provides a unique approach to teaching students about sustainable food systems, as well as providing opportunities for students to gain garden-based skills. Measure 43 provides funding for PICA staff and students to connect campus gardens via collaborative meetings and sustainability events/programs, while also providing hands-on education to students in civic agriculture and the local food system during garden work groups. For more info check out:

Fostering Collaboration amongst UCSC, Calabasas Elementary School, and Watsonville Families. This project integrates garden-based education, undergraduate research, and community outreach to inspire UCSC students to help address food and educational inequity in the Watsonville community. Among other activities, UCSC  students worked with the staff, faculty, and youth of Calabasas Elementary School to implement hands-on, garden-based curricula for first through sixth graders in the after-school enrichment program.

 College 8 Garden Course hosted by College 8 and the Student Environmental Center. M43 supported the student run garden course offered quarterly. For more information contact

2014-2015 Measure 43 Research and Education Grant Funds Awarded

  • The CARE Program Student Pantry
  • The Education for Sustainable Living (ESLP) Spring 2015 Speaker Series Dinners
  • Student-led Instruction and Peer Outreach at the Kresge Garden
  • The Program In Community & Agroecology (PICA)
  • Fostering Collaboration amongst UCSC, Calabasas Elementary School, and Watsonville Families
  • UCSC Bioneers Conference, A Bioneers Resilient Communities Network Event 

2013-2014 Measure 43 Research and Education Grant Funds Awarded

  • The Demeter Seed Project
  • The Education for Sustainable Living (ESLP) Spring 2014 Speaker Series Dinners
  • Student-led Teaching of the College Eight Garden Class
  • The Program in Community & Agroecology (PICA) Student Transitional Liaison Project
  • The Farm to College Reusable Crates Student Project 
  • Healthy Mondays Even
  • Fostering Collaboration amongst UCSC, Calabasas Elementary School, and Watsonville Families.

2012-2013 Measure 43 Research and Education Grant Funds Awarded

  • Program in Community Agroecology (PICA) Summer Garden Internships and Site Positions 
  • College Eight Garden Greenhouse and Facilities
  • ESLP Speaker Series and Organic Dinners
  • Gaia Magazine
  • Demeter Seed Project
  • Gardeners Alliance Workshops and Trainings
  • World Cafe Food and Equipment for Certified Kitchen

2011-2012 Measure 43 Research and Education Grant Funds Awarded

  • Program in Community and Agroecology Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern Position: $5,000
  • College 8 Garden Expansion/Coordinator: $4,400
  • ESLP Dinners/Speakers: $600
  • CAN Scholarships for Food and Justice Spring Break Field Study to the Yucatan: $5,000
  • UCSC Demeter Seed Library: $2,100
  • Dining's UCSC Farm Fridays: $1,600
  • Green Chef Competition: $1,600
  • Kresge's World Café Team: $1,000

2010-2011 Measure 43 Research and Education Grant Funds Awarded

  • Family Student Housing Garden Project: $2,815
  • Student Environmental Media Project – Gaia Magazine: $1,000
  • Kresge Natural Food Cooperative Project: $925
  • Stevenson College Garden Project: $1,000
  • Calabasas School Garden Project: $2,275
  • Program in Community and Agroecology (PICA) Chancellor’s Undergraduate Intern Position: $5,000
  • College 8 Garden Coordinator: $2,000
  • Water Bottle Conservation Project – "Take Back the Tap”: $4,570
  • Education for Sustainable Living Project (ESLP) Food and Education Project: $1,000
  • UCSC Gardens Display Project: $2,200
  • Urban Agriculture and Aquaponics Project: $1,000