Evaluation Tools

Beginning farmer and rancher (BFR) organization staff have expressed need for a set of tools to help them more easily design an evaluation both for what is important to them and for more easily meeting the requirements of the BFRDP. The following tools can help BFR organizations identify outcomes and measures that can be used or adapted to make creating an evaluation easier.

Outcome Pathway Diagrams

Coming soon—November 2019

These diagrams provide pictorial ways to help people think about what types of outcomes might be most useful for their organizations to assess.
Products will include:
  • Outcomes for Aspiring Farmers - This diagram explores possible outcomes to track for those who are on their way to start farming. 
  • Elements of Farmer Success - This diagram identifies many of the primary elements or activities that organizations can offer to support new farmer and rancher success. It also identifies several different definitions of success that might be utilized in an evaluation. 
  • Long Term & System Level Outcomes - This diagram identifies several examples of long-term or different system levels  of outcomes that a beginning farmer and rancher program may be working towards.”

Outcomes List

Coming soon—November 2019

This document highlights example outcomes, indicators and data collection questions. These items can be used to reflect on and develop specific evaluation efforts that are most appropriate to your organization. These tools may also be useful for thinking about a project’s desired outcomes, as part of a planning effort or a proposal writing process.

Online Resource Library

This tool provides links to the many “how to” guides available for conducting program evaluation. It also provides example surveys, reports, logic models, and similar resources from other BFR programs. These instruments can be used to help develop your own surveys or data collections tools, design reports, etc.

The Online Resource Library is hosted by the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, and can be found a thttps://nesfp.org/program-evaluation/library.